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  • doris.cott
    Apr 1, 2013
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      Dear Sharani and Bigalita, thank you so much for your kind replies. Yes, we are rarely aware of how deeply we are connected inwardly with one another.

      Thanks to your artistic eye, Sharani, your very good camera and that you sent me the Pujaloy pictures some years ago, (and your unintended reminder of it), we are now having a very beautiful white framed image of Dodula in our Winterthur meditation room and I will also bring another one to our Zurich Centre and a third one to Baldegg where the funeral ceremony will take place. I am sure the Sisters will be moved when they see it. It's really extraordinarily beautiful. Dodula's favorite colors were white and light-blue. The leaves of the tree are touching her hair gently while she seems to contemplate on God. Thank you again, Sharani.

      Dear Bigalita, in times of death or any other adversity our hearts seem to come forward more powerfully, but often we are drawn back to daily affairs all too soon. How I wish we could remain in a soulful consciousness all the time.

      It is true that I felt both (sadness and cheerfulness) when I wrote the poem. One of Dodula's strengths was to always remain cheerful and let the tiniest incident turn into a celebration. It was especially moving for me when I visited her in the hospice a few days before she left the earth. She did not speak but when she looked at me and raised her arm a little it was as if Guru was looking at me. Her soul had come to the fore so powerfully. This silent gesture of hers gave me some inenarrable reassurance. Everything was good...

      Dodula has told us many stories over the years that now will be collected and published in a book. I happened to live with Dodula for some time and so will definitely contribute to it if possible.

      One little miracle story: A few days ago, Gunthita went to Dodula's place to pick a nice photo of her for our Centre shrine and found a bird drawing that Dodula won in a raffle some years ago in NY. Gunthita somehow remembered that Guru made an interesting comment on that occasion. Before he drew a name he said he inwardly saw Dodula's name in golden letters. When Gunthita looked at the date it said "March 27, 1999".

      So, we should not be too sad as Dodula would not approve of it. :-)


      * * *
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