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25744Sevananda's Recollections on Sri Chinmoy: The Only Tears Worth Having

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  • mahiruha_27
    Mar 14, 2013
      This story takes place in May of 1970 at our original "Miramar" Centre in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sevananda had just received his spiritual name.

      At the conclusion of a powerful Centre meeting with Guru, Sevananda suddenly became overcome with feelings of ecstatic devotion and love for the Master. He told me that the feeling was simply "out of this world." He said that he had never experienced that kind of love before. He actually started sobbing!

      Sevananda was one of the newer disciples at that time. Most of the other new disciples had left directly after the meeting, but some of the older disciples were still milling around. At that time, Guru lived in the Centre itself, and all of the functions were held there. Of course the Master had his own private room. Anyway, Sevananda felt embarrassed at being so emotionally choked up in front of his fellow disciples, so he went into the printing room and huddled in a corner, crying openly.

      There was a connecting door between the press and Guru's room, but Sevananda felt that the Master was attending to Centre business in some other part of the building, and so he would not be disturbing him.

      All of a sudden, the door opened, and Guru stepped out and saw Sevananda hiding in the corner, crying.

      "Sevananda," Guru asked him, "What have I done to you, how have I hurt you, why are you crying?"

      Between sobs, Sevananda responded, "Guru I love you so much!"

      Guru wiped away Sevananda's tears saying, "Bah! Bah!" (Vernacular Bengali for "Very good!").

      Then Guru said to his him, "There are only two tears worth having- one is the tear of joy, and the other is the tear of gratitude, and your tears are exactly those tears."
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