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25723True Friendship

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  • doris.cott
    Feb 26, 2013
      True Friendship

      My dear Supreme,
      You are offering me
      Your supreme Friendship.
      How can I accept it?
      You give and give and give.

      A true friend gives something in return.
      But what do I have to offer?
      My so-called earthly achievements!
      No, no,
      I cannot accept it.

      "My child,
      Whatever I am offering
      You may give back to me,
      Wouldn't it be a nice game to play?
      It would give me the greatest joy."

      You have won,
      My true Friend!
      In this case give me as much as possible.

      Some really good walking boots,
      So that I can walk along Eternity's Road
      Day and night.

      "My dearest child,
      In case you should ever change your mind
      Don't hesitate to ask Me
      For the fastest running shoes."

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