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25686Recollections on Sri Chinmoy: How Madhava came to the Centre

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  • mahiruha_27
    Feb 5, 2013
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      How Madhava came to the Centre:
      In early July of 1976, disciples from St. Louis, Kansas City, Milwaukee and Chicago met in the farm house in St. Louis for a joy weekend. Those terms, "joy day" and "joy weekend" did not exist back then, but the concept was there. They knew that Guru was planning on calling them on Sunday morning, at around eleven o'clock. They began meditating at around ten o'clock, most soulfully, and Guru did call them at eleven. One of the disciples had installed a special speaker on the phone so that everybody could hear Guru.

      Guru asked how many people were there and they told him, and then Guru asked to speak to each person individually. Madhava, whose name in those days was "Mats" ( he is from Sweden) did not go up to talk to Guru because he was not yet a disciple and had yet to make up his mind. Finally, after Guru had spoken to and had blessed each disciple who was there personally, he asked, "Hey, is there anybody else?"

      The disciples all looked at each other. Finally, one of them approached the phone and said, "Yes Guru, there is one seeker here but he is not a disciple."

      Guru indicated that he wanted to talk to this seeker, so Madhava went up to the phone.

      "What is your name?" Guru asked.
      "Mats," he said.

      "How long have you been coming to the Centre?" Guru inquired.

      "Two months, Guru," Madhava said.

      "Oy!" Guru exclaimed, "Two months and still you have not made up your mind!"
      "Guru," Madhava said, "I just did."
      Guru laughingly said, "You just did?"

      Then Guru fell silent for about ten seconds. Everyone sensed that Guru was meditating. Kalyan, the St. Louis Centre leader, told me he could feel Guru's meditation-power, his vibration, flood the room.
      "All right," Guru said suddenly.

      "I am accepting you," he continued, "Accept our path wholeheartedly as I am accepting you. Try to be a good Chicago Sri Chinmoy Centre member, and always listen to Sandy the Great!" (Pradhan)

      Then Madhava sat down, more or less stunned, and Guru concluded his blessingful phone call by giving a poem: "Life is like a lotus- petal by petal the lotus blossoms. At the end of our journey's close we offer this fully blossomed lotus at the Feet of the Supreme" (my recollection of Madhava's words, so not official).

      Regarding the portion of his discussion with Guru where he asked him to always listen to Pradhan, Madhava said that he listened to Pradhan for about a day. Pradhan laughed and said that Madhava listened to him for a total of ten minutes!