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25682Recollections on Sri Chinmoy: Guru's meetings with other Masters

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  • mahiruha_27
    Jan 30, 2013
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      I haven't been posting any recollections recently, and people may feel that I simply don't have any more recollections to share, but that is not the case. It's simply I do not know where to begin.

      How is it possible anyway to convey a life as miraculous as Sri Chinmoy's? I mean, he never did anything or said anything that did not have profound meaning. Even his cute jokes or casual, funny remarks carried deep truth.

      In the early autumn of 2006, Guru played for us the taped footage of his visit to the ashram of another spiritual Master, who is based in upstate New York. The two Masters agreed that they would hand out prasad to the disciples of the other Master. When the disciples of the other Guru took the prasad from Sri Chinmoy's hands, they genuflected in front of him with utmost sincerity, crossing their arms over their chests in the ancient eastern tradition. Then they took the Prasad from him with absolutely the most devoted, respectful attitude. Some of them were shedding tears.

      But when Guru's disciples took the prasad from the other Master, I am sorry to say, they took the fruit in a much more perfunctory, almost nonchalant way. They just filed past him and took the fruit in a casual manner. In defense of my spiritual brothers and sisters, I have to say that Guru almost always told us not to take our time while taking prasad. Sometimes he would even say at the end of a long seven-hour meditation, "Take the prasad and disappear."
      Still, Guru was a little upset when he saw that and remarked, "Look at the difference between the way the disciples of the other Master take prasad from me and how my disciples take it!"

      This Master, and, in fact, his entire family have always been extremely, extremely kind to Guru and to his spiritual children. I don't want to mention his name on a public forum, but I have always admired this Teacher, his lofty writings and true spiritual dynasty.