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25619Re: Things I have learned

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  • purnakama2000
    Nov 30, 2012
      Hi all,

      I have a much longer answer to this fabulous question (thanks for this Jogyata) but as I'm sitting in an airport at 4:00am waiting to board and don't have much time, I'll give but a short reply and save my longer response for later.

      One thing I have learned.

      No matter what's happening, how crummy you feel, what crazy bind you find yourself in; inner or outer, if you sing Guru's songs soulfully for a half hour or more, it can pretty much fix anything.
      This is most especially true when you're in a state where you absolutely have to force yourself to sit down and sing because you're stressed, anxious, angry, scared, exhausted or all of the above.

      Guru's music, a balm to heal all.

      This is one thing I have learned

      More on this topic later.

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