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25576Recollections on Sri Chinmoy: Meditation Contests

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  • mahiruha_27
    Nov 5, 2012
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      During the Christmas Trips, Guru often held meditation contests. He would give a special Prasad, often a piece of fruit, to whoever did the best meditation. One of my friends served as Guru's attendant for many years. Guru sometimes asked him to serve as a monitor during some of these special meditation contests. I think people would sometimes walk up to Guru in a line, meditate in front of him, sit down again, and then the next group of people would come up to meditate. I actually don't know how these "contests" operated, as I never attended a Christmas Trip. But, anyway, Guru gave my friend special instructions about how many people should come up at a time, how they should be seated, etc. But he had trouble understanding Guru, and wasn't exactly sure what Guru wanted.

      At one point, he saw Guru looking awkward or uncomfortable about some aspect of the way he had set up the contest. But he didn't have the opportunity to approach Guru to ask him what was wrong. So, he just prayed, in silence, saying, "Guru, you are also my inner Guru. So, I am praying to you, as my inner Guru, to help me to please you better as my outer Guru."

      He noticed then that Guru suddenly seemed happier and more at ease. When the contest, was over, Guru gave my friend the Prasad for having done the best meditation. Maybe that's all that Guru really wanted from my friend in the first place!