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25471Recollections on Sri Chinmoy: Being alone with the Master

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  • mahiruha_27
    Aug 30, 2012
      I was alone with Guru only once.

      I was guarding the court in May 2003. Pulak pulled up in the driveway in his Toyota (I think that's what it was!) and Guru got out by himself. I opened the gate wide from the inside and held it for Guru. He did not look at me, but as he was walking past he raised his right hand in salutation. I noticed that his hand gesture corresponded exactly with the ancient "abhaya mudra"- the dispeller or destroyer of fear. Many Indian gods and goddesses as well as the Lord Buddha are depicted showing this mudra. As he walked past me, I saw a little smile play on his face. His features radiated the purest calm, serenity and satisfaction I have ever seen. He walked to the back of the driveway, near the Temple. Soon, twelve or thirteen members of Paree's singing group arrived and joined him by the small pond. He taught them a soulful song and then he gave them Prasad. I was standing forty feet away, by the gate, but I heard them singing. Then Guru kindly dismissed them and exited the driveway alone, carrying a single bag of Prasad. As he passed by me, without ever looking at me, he pushed the bag into my arms and kept walking. I thanked him with a surprised and smiling "Thank you, Guru."

      I am really grateful for that precious moment with the Master. In my heart, in my soulful imagination, I know there is no limit to the amount of affection and love I can receive from him.

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