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25418Re: Sweet Violin Was: Pentacost Mini Celebrations in Mondsee, Austria

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  • suchana27
    Jun 24, 2012
      Hello dear Doris!

      I do remember how beautifully sang Susan Boyle last year or the year before just because she became very famous overnight. But unlike you, I have no time to watch videos on the internet so often and not even know whether she is still singing.

      I like your story about Guru´s comment on Dundubhi´s performances. I just feel so much oneness and peace each time I can see her playing on her violins; how happy we would be just to see her soul dancing on the strings as Guru did! Maybe the soul-fragrance plays an important role in the Master´s words as well.

      Today as I was working on a short translation as I was listening to some poetry recited by Guru himself in www.radiosrichinmoy.org
      I could feel it like a chanting, the eternal chanting of a roaring lion and a sweet bird at once. Sometimes his voice embodies hundred voices in only one voice; this is something unique and full of powerful hope for a no native English speaking listener like me. How lucky we are to enjoy those living recordings every day!

      Happiest days! :-)
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