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25416Father's Day

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  • doris.cott
    Jun 18, 2012
      No, I have not been in New York, but two of our housemates went. I watched a video (available with Niriha) from a past Father's Day celebration in 1987 at Progress Promise in NY.

      Having joined our spiritual path only in 1990 after the Berlin wall came down, I always feel tears in my heart wishing I had been able to sit there in this centre in New York and listen "live" to the Master. But I am consoling myself knowing and feeling that his consciousness was and is all pervading. If my soul was crying at that time he must have heard it. Long before the Master appears in our life he is connected with our souls.

      I was thinking of how I could ever show my gratitude to the Heavenly Father in Guru, so here is my small offering.


      * * *

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