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25396Re: Pentacost Mini Celebrations in Mondsee, Austria

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  • doris.cott
    May 31, 2012
      *Thank you*, dear Priyadarshan. Your English is excellent and you are a trustworthy person, so I humbly accept your encouragement. A book? Hm...I am not quite an initiative person, (perhaps an East German legacy), but if I do try, things often nicely go wrong. I may not have the patience. :-)

      Let's see...

      I forgot to mention two noteworthy things in the Joy Day report: A phone call from or to Australia, where disciples there also had a Joy Day either in Sydney or Melbourne, I couldn't figure out properly. We sang for them and they sang for us. The hall was shaking with prolonged applause. I cannot imagine there was any serious face in the audience.

      The next afternoon during service there was also a meditative concert with Agnicana's group in a magnificant basilica. It was mostly filled with disciples who attentively listened to the soulful music and also to the heartfelt words of the priests who spoke alternating in German and English.

      * * *
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