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25376Re: Auspicious Good Fortune

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  • sumangali_m
    May 7, 2012
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      Thank you so much, Bigalita, what a lovely surprise to hear from you!

      It must be your own kindness that made my response to the poor "blind" man seem kind. I think I was really the most blind in that case. Just about every mother and grandmother who ever lived has advised against judging a book by its cover, and but for the Grace of God I would not have passed the test this time. It makes me wonder how many other elaborate lengths He has gone to in answering prayers, that have been missed by my own blindness.

      The "blind" man's ears must be burning now that we are talking about him :-) Yes his advice was fittingly spiritual – (to paraphrase) 1. Don't wait until you're ready to write, start now; 2. Don't worry about what you think others want to hear, just speak with your own true voice.

      Thank you so much for buying the book on faith, I hope you enjoy it! I very much look forward to reading the stories of others too. You mentioned Jogyata's, which is naturally an absolute gem. Then of course there's Pradhan, Gunagriha, Ushasi, Trishakash, Tejvan, and Shivaram's collections. They are all compelling stories in such very different ways, and who knows what else is on the way.

      I think it's perfect there is such a variety of books coming out, so people can potentially gain many different perspectives on our Path. Some will relate to the loftier tales, some to the more worldly; some to the intimate, and some to the pragmatic. Diversity is surely one of the most beautiful things about the worldwide Sri Chinmoy Centre.

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