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25374Auspicious Good Fortune

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  • bigalita
    May 6, 2012
      Thanks Sharani for bringing back Sumanagli's link about the start of her book "Auspicious Good Fortune".

      Sumangali, I must admit I was very impressed with your kind and very spiritual reaction when finding out that your "blind" neighbor was not actually blind, just wanted to sit at the aisle seat. In the end it reminded me of a story where God appears in the form of a stray dog to "test" a seeker's sincerity and the seeker chased the dog away, not recognizing the Special Guest. You definitely passed the "test" - thank you for that lesson.

      Also thank you for sharing the two points that your airplane
      friend made about getting started and sharing from the heart rather than wondering how others might perceive it. It's also great to see and feel how much faith you have in your own inner guidance and not losing patience when you were not able to start writing sooner.

      Sumangali, I am very happy for you and am looking forward to reading the book. I went on line and ordered it right away - should be receiving it in a couple of days. Thanks very much.


      P.S. Did you read Jogyata's "In the Boat" yet? There are actually lots of really great ones out already.
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