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25363Re: 13 things about April Celebrations

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  • sharani_sharani
    May 3, 2012
      Hi Doris,
      Now let's see if I can share the news of events I missed in case no one else picks up the thread of this conversation. :-)

      One day there was a 7 hour meditation and I believe the weather was quite sunny and warm that day - perfect for being outside to meditate. There was an event in Manhattan one night in place of the usual function at Aspiration Ground in which a combination meditation workshop and concert for the public was held. There was a marathon for runners with qualifying speed in prior races. The 12 hour walk and the World Harmony Run 2012 ceremony happened on the same day. I heard from several people that they liked this WHR launch the best of all they had ever attended.

      Oh - gotta go back to work, lunch hour almost over. Talk more here later

      p.s. I started reading Beyond Likes and Dislikes when I borrowed it during Celebrations - I don't actually own it yet. It has some pretty profound stuff in it!!!
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