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25356Re: 13 things about April Celebrations

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  • doris.cott
    Apr 30 3:23 AM
      So nice to hear from you and about highlights from April celebrations, dear Sharani!

      Well, I have not been in NY for April celebrations and didn't really get knews so far (but I am not complaining). I have had a very good time except for the persistant rain.

      I may not be able to name thirteen special things that happened here, but what definitely was a highlight for me were the new books "Illumining Questions And Answers" by Guru (I heard there must be four or seven new ones of this series. Two of them reached me somehow and also new videos "The Life Of A Master" and new "Wisdom-Pearls". I am 'benefitting' so much from both books and videos.

      If you or others know exactly what books were published and name their titles here in this forum I would be very grateful.

      I got the books "Beyond Likes And Dislikes" and mysteriously right after I finished reading it "You Belong To God".

      The Master advised us to read his books page by page and not browse through them but in the case of "You Belong To God" I became impatient and read the question/answer that I myself had asked inwardly so often, first. It is about a childlike consciousness, a childhood without sweet experiences, suffering in childhood, and how much our childhood influences us.

      Each and every question/answer is illumining, indeed and partly confirms that I am on the right path trying to make myself happy.

      Thanks so much to those who compiled the questions and answers and worked so hard to make them available in the form of new books to all of us to read and learn.

      Got to go and read...and watch...!

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