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25321Nayak's fruitful fax (was Re: What Guru sees)

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  • mahiruha_27
    Mar 13, 2012
      Nayak, I can't help but repost this message you sent to the group some years ago. It's brilliant beyond belief. Hope you don't mind!

      'Faxed Bananas' by Nayak

      The strangest thing happened the other day. I was sitting on a bench
      in downtown Seattle, when suddenly a man walked up and handed me a
      sheet of paper and walked off. I opened the paper and found the poem
      below scrawled upon it. I went to find the man, but he was nowhere to
      be found. Do any of you know him? He was about my height and age and
      he was wearing clothes.

      Your brother,


      They faxed me some bananas.

      Seeing the bananas appear from the fax machine,

      yellow and all

      was a big surprise.

      I told my secretary to take some dictation and

      I dictated a long letter of gratitude to George,

      who invented bananas. "George," I said,

      and it went on from there, on and on and on.

      It was an epic letter, and it took me four years

      to complete it, including the P.S. of 36 chapters--

      by this time, my secretary, George (that was her name)

      was getting hungry, so we sent out for sandwiches and toast

      but I had to play some golf while waiting for the sandwich delivery,

      and that was hard, very hard, 'cause George

      kept eating the golf balls.

      Meantime, the bananas were gradually coming through the fax machine,

      and with the greatest patience, I informed the parents

      that it was a boy and that I would be the godfather if

      they so chose.

      It was a grand show, with the band playing "Mother"

      and spinach draped all over the furniture.

      The furniture salesman, "Mart", called up to

      see how the golf was going, and when I told him

      about the banana boy, he cried and they captured it

      on television.

      Saturday was even better, because it was

      cancelled, and Thursday was substituted for it,

      though Wednesday had an argument with Friday,

      and they finally agreed to swap places.

      This all happened yesterday. What will happen

      today? I don't know, but I will definitely try to find

      some jam for the toast.
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