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25317What Guru sees

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  • nayaknayaknayak
    Mar 9, 2012
      Mahiruha's note reminds me that I was amazed when I saw Guru bowing to his disciples and others. Here was this extraordinary, enlightened being, one who is one with God, and he was bowing to the likes of me and others. How could we possibly deserve this salutation from the Enlightened One?

      Guru himself gave the answer. He said that the first thing he sees when he looks at a person is the soul, the representative of God in that person. He does not see us as we see ourselves or even as our friends and enemies see us. He sees us as the wonderful soul, which has come into human incarnation with a very, very lofty and important mission. The soul is a portion of God within us. Further, when you hear Guru's description of the soul--a description embodied in the spiritual name or soul's name that Guru offered to many people, you see that the soul is, indeed, our guide and our God within. That certainly deserves a bow.

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