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25316A Few More Poems By Me

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  • doris.cott
    Mar 9, 2012
      "The sound of golden silence
      I never hear.
      The thunder of silver talking
      I all-where hear."

      "The outer beauty
      Is only attractive.
      The inner beauty
      Is all effective."

      Is the order of the day.
      Not enough,
      It comes with demands."

      "My Father Supreme,
      My only prayer to You is this:
      Make my Your child,
      An eternal child,
      And nothing but
      Your child."

      My Lord,
      When and how will the ever circling life-wheel stop?
      "My child,
      When humanity starts aspiring constantly and sleeplessly."

      "My Lord,
      Walking in circles
      On the earth-bound road
      Of life and death,
      I feel helpless.
      "My child,
      You must bravely cross
      The bridge of destiny
      Lovingly and confidently.
      Lo, heaven-free joy
      Will be all yours."

      To be drawn
      Into someone's orbit,
      Is it a weakness,
      I do not know.
      To be drawn
      To my Lord Supreme,
      Is His unconditional Grace."

      "The heart
      Vehemently ignores
      Indifference and expectation
      When they follow
      A sincere truth-seeker."

      My Lord,
      You live on the battlefields
      Of our lives.
      "My child,
      If you do not open
      Your heart's door
      Wide, wider, widest
      I am compelled to."