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  • brahmata13
    Mar 3, 2012
      I was reading some of the old posts on this site when I came across Mahiruha's awesome suggestion:

      "Here's a New Thread Idea: Go through your collection of Sri Chinmoy's music and books and pick out your five favorite from both mediums."

      I would really be interested in seeing what everyone chooses but for now I will get the ball rolling.


      1. Flute Music for Meditation

      This was the first Sri Chinmoy CD I ever owned and just listening to it is a meditation in itself. I have listened to it so many times that I know every melody by heart but even so, I never ever get tired of it.

      2. Symphony for Meditation

      This CD features Guru chanting Aum, shanti and Supreme layered with him playing various instruments from flutes to exotic percussion instruments.

      3. Four Hundred Blue Green White Red Song-Birds

      This is a 4-CD compilation that was recorded in the 80's. There are 200 songs in total, they are all short songs with one line in Bengali and then one line in English. Guru accompanies himself on the harmonium as he sings them. I chose this because I love the simplicity and beauty of these songs, I could listen to them on repeat all day. As an added bonus, they are really easy to learn especially because a song book is included with the CD set.

      4. India: World Cynosure

      The entire album is very nice but I chose it in particular for one track "Songs with Harmonium" (a 40 minute track) which features Sri Chinmoy singing short English songs with so much soulfulness and sweetness. Despite the simplicity, the songs are able to convey a very deep relationship with God. ("Are you there God? Would you mind coming over to me with your Compassion-Eye and your Forgiveness-Heart" and "No entrance fee is needed to enter into God's Compassion-Heart" for example.) I love to listen and sing along.

      5. Sri Chinmoy Sings Ami Jabo (5 Selected Performances)

      Ami Jabo is one of my favorite songs of all time, I find it difficult not to get teary-eyed when listening to it or singing it. It is so moving and powerful and, as is the case with all of Guru's songs, it has a deep and poetic translation.


      1. The Divine Hero

      My first of Sri Chinmoy's books, such a breath of fresh air! Guru writes about the purpose of life, cultivating Divine qualities and conquering negative qualities. It is interspersed with lots of stories, exercises and poems.

      2. The Caged Bird and the Uncaged Bird

      My favorite compilation of Sri Chinmoy's poetry.

      3. Beyond Within

      Probably the closest any of the books have come to summarizing the complete philosophy of Sri Chinmoy.

      4. The Wings of Joy

      I love this book so much but I find it impossible to keep a copy for myself! I often travel with it and I always end up giving it away to friends, family members and strangers that I end up in conversation with. (Once I even left a copy on the plane by accident but was comforted by imagining the next passenger finding a precious gem among the SkyMall and WestJet magazines in the seat pocket.)

      5. Live in the Eternal Now

      A newly released book that I will return to again and again. It is just so inspiring. Enough said.

      Phew! That was some hard work as there are just so many wonderful books and albums among Sri Chinmoy's works. I cannot think of anyone more prolific in both mediums.

      What are your favorites?
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