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25297Re: Recollections on Sri Chinmoy

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  • mahiruha_27
    Feb 27, 2012
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      As you know, Guru had perhaps a half dozen people who used to take him on daily drives around Queens. On those drives, Guru would usually meditate in silence. Sometimes he would do japa (soulful chanting).

      Databir drove Guru frequently, and he told me about a special experience he had with Guru in the late seventies (Databir, if you're reading this, by all means correct me if I have anything wrong!):

      One morning, Databir drove Guru by the Thomas Edison soccer field, where our annual Sports Day is held. There, they saw perhaps fifteen or twenty female students of Sri Chinmoy playing softball. Databir told me that the women weren't aware of Guru's presence, so they weren't in a particularly soulful or "spiritual" consciousness. They were just playing softball, badly and unprofessionally, and laughing and having fun. Databir and Guru watched them playing for a few minutes. Then Guru turned to Databir and said, "They will never know how many diseases this prevents."

      My gratitude to Databir for this soulfully illumining and sweet story!


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