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25295Recollections on Sri Chinmoy

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  • mahiruha_27
    Feb 22, 2012
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      Dear All,

      I was thinking that maybe a good "thread" would be just general remembrances of the Master- maybe even something as simple as the dhoti (spiritual garment) he was wearing during a concert, or a sweet personal anecdote that he told at a function.

      I have one story that I'd like to share; as I am telling it only from memory it is unofficial:

      I think Guru told this story in the summer of 2002, at an evening function. He prefaced the story by saying that he, like all spiritual Masters, has a human aspect and a divine aspect.

      He then went on to tell an incident that occurred that very morning. He was returning to his house, unaccompanied, in his little car (it was red, right?) and, as he entered the driveway, he saw an Indian man rooting through his garbage cans. He said that man was dark "like me". He honked the horn to drive the man away. At that very moment, the divinity in him reprimanded him. I think he even said that it "struck" him. It said, "How can you be so cruel? How can you be so heartless? The things that you are discarding this man is cherishing!"

      Then he slowly drove into the driveway, and as he passed the other man, he leaned out of the window and gave him the broadest smile, while also inwardly begging him for forgiveness.

      Guru concluded by saying that whenever we do anything wrong we should immediately try our utmost to rectify it.

      If anyone knows the story better or has an official, written account of this story, would you please share it with us?

      Anyway, this is my first contribution. Maybe other people would like to share their own illumining and sweet reminiscences of the Master?

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