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25277God's Art And Colours

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  • doris.cott
    Feb 2, 2012
      The colour green gives me
      Enthusiasm, dynamism
      And the beauty of
      Ever-blossoming newness.

      The colour blue tells me:
      "My child, just think of me,
      Play with Me-
      And I shall bring Infinity's Bliss
      Into your heart."

      The colour red tells me:
      "My child, you need me
      For the purification of your mind-
      For the destruction of the uncomely things
      That do not want to change.

      The colour white tells me:
      "My child, the purity that you need
      In your mind
      I shall give you in abundant measure.
      The insecurity, jealousy, doubt
      And suspicion that you have-
      I am going to wipe them out for good!"

      The colour gold tells me:
      "My child, your life-breath
      Is not made of dust.
      Your life-breath is made of gold-
      My Immortality's Gold.
      You must treasure your ever awakening
      God-climbing and God-fulfilling

      They say, "Art for art's sake."
      I say, "Art is not for art's sake-
      Art is for God's sake."

      When we say, "Art for art's sake,"
      Our mind binds
      Both the Creator and the Creation,
      All at once.

      When we say, "Art for God's sake,"
      We connect our art
      With God the Infinite, God the Eternal,
      And God the Immortal.
      Then we see Infinity, Eternity
      And Immortality-
      This triune Reality
      Conversing, singing and dancing
      Right before our vision-eye.

      -Sri Chinmoy (all unofficial)