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  • bigalita
    Dec 28, 2011
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      A disciple friend shared with me this message that happened many years ago when she was still a brand new disciple. So here is what she told me:

      Sri Chinmoy was asking for questions during a function and she was asking if she was loving Him or if her feeling was simply gratitude. His voice was very soft and she was not able to understand what Sri Chinmoy actually said.

      For weeks she was asking other disciples who were present if they had understood the answer and if they could repeat it to her. But apparently nobody was able to help her. So her question and her longing for the answer remained.

      Then, one night, she said it was around 1 am. Sri Chinmoy appeared to her, surrounded by a beautiful white Light and she heard the following words, very clearly and without accent:
      "Lo, in asking the question - you have answered it:
      "Love is not a thing to understand,
      Love is not a thing to feel,
      Love is not a thing to give or receive,
      Love is a thing only to become and eternally be"

      As you can imagine, this vision remained with her very, very vividly all these years and has helped her in many rather difficult situations. Why she shared this with me now I don't know. Perhaps because it is Christmas and the New Year right in front of our door, and what a better time than to share this now - to inspire us not just to give and receive love, but to actually become Love.

      Does anybody know where this aphorism actually is printed?

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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