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  • sri_chinmoy_inspiration
    Dec 3, 2011
      [Dear Bigalita, welcome to group. Kindly follow instructions here to hide your email address: http://www.srichinmoyinspiration.com/content/joining-sri-chinmoy-inspiration-group ]

      Hi Sharani,
      it was actually all of the wonderful messages that you mentioned that finally made me register and have a voice of my own. Thanksgiving was just a short while ago, the Holiday Season is standing right in front of our door - what better time to say a big Thank You to each and everyone who posts and tells the rest of us about their unique and inspiring stories.

      By the way, Sharani was the one who sent the link to me (thank you again) - it was pretty "painless". So please, listen to her plea and come-on-board now, before another year is up!!

      Inspired by Purnakama's experience with chanting AUM, I used our AUM Ocean Meditation CD during my last class and everybody really loved it and had an easier time to keep the mind quiet and experience more peace.

      Looking forward to more inspiration to come! Thank you all.

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