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25188Re: Sorbus domestica

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  • doris.cott
    Nov 30 1:59 PM
      Thanks for this interesting information. I didn't know something like a Service Tree would exist. Perhaps the tree in the park in Pondicherry where Guru stopped his pulse (I believe he did it two times) was also a Service Tree?

      Thanks for the poems, I may post one (and a few selected ones in a separate post)for everybody's inspiration from Part 39, a special edition with beautiful bird drawings in the middle of the book and one handwritten poem:


      "My Journey's Half!
      You and I
      Are the silver-tears
      Of a God-crying heart
      The gold smiles
      Of a God-serving life."

      Chinmoy Kumar Ghose
      Sri Chinmoy

      * * *

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