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  • purnakama2000
    Nov 20, 2011
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      A few years ago, 2005 to be exact, I had the good fortune of being the only non Australian in a house of all Australian girls during August Celebrations.

      That year the Australians put together a book of 74 aphorisms on Determination for Guru's 74th birthday. I remember helping the girls put some of them together in our rather warm upper floor apartment.

      As I've been going through the process of reorganizing my house, I came across this book and would like to share some of the aphorisms here. I find that I can get pretty lazy, especially now that winter's setting in (-20c here last night) and the nights are long, and I go into quasi hibernation mode.

      "Just say that the past is dust.
      Lo! you have made enormous progress.
      Just tell yourself that your name is
      Adamantine Determination.
      Lo! You have made genuine progress.
      Just think that your Master loves you Much more than you love Him.
      Lo! Your progress is really remarkable."

      "Remember your highest meditation
      Then with your determination and eagerness,
      Give life to that imagination."

      " As morning dawns,
      hope and determination dance together."

      without the fiery Determination for self improvement,
      Is only a beautiful flower,
      with no fragrance at all."

      "What is determination?
      Determination is something
      that conquers the undivine in us
      for the full manifestation of the divine in us."

      Sri Chinmoy (unofficial)

      And speaking of Australia, in our meditation class this weekend we had a lovely young girl from Australia, and a lovely young fellow from Nurenberg Germany.
      They are both in their "gap" year and chose to come to Canada to work as teaching assistants in a private school.
      The girl from Australia was trying to get over the shock of what -20c actually feels like:)

      Have a good week everyone!

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