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25151Another Joyday in Heidelberg

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  • doris.cott
    Oct 31, 2011
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      As the number of contributors to this site has rapidly declined I thought of retreating from writing here as well but last weekend's so-called Joyday makes me feel it would be a pity not to share some of the precious inspiration we got.

      I personally like 'big' Joydays though it is always a little challenge to get 12 people in a car under one hat.

      Chandrama, the big Mountain-Silence van had another task to perform: to carry us and all the stuff human beings seem to need to Heidelberg. Being an old lady she is still doing very well perhaps with the help of the soul-birds sticked to her doors. We are always a picture of attraction to other car occupants on the road, mostly children.

      Golden Autumn leaves still on trees flew by whereas panoramas of high up forests dressed in yellow, orange, red, green and brown slowly passed for our eyes to absorb the beauty - pictures that will vanish in only a few weeks to come.

      Five hundred people had gathered and the presence of all those alone made it a wonderful family feeling although I didn't know each and every one personally and many only perfunctory. There were also new faces that added to my silent joy.

      The evening began with a silent meditation in a big hall where five hundred souls with folded hands were yearning for a higher life, a peaceful earth and the descendence of God's Grace. During the meditation the place can only be described as a place of pindrop silence.

      A big side show was set up where many people contributed which made the place partly turned into a divine market place, a tumultous hurly-birly, where people bought and sold inspiring things for themselves or gifts for their dear ones at home.

      Once the bell rings the whirlwind subsides, people in colorful saris and in whites stream into the hall - the program begins. This time the evening program was packed with many items therefore a selection had to be made and apologies to those who didn't made it on the list. It's not that I care for greatness but having had international guests again I hope we were great hosts and I may begin with them.

      Devashishu entertained us with stories from his childhood discipleship; he really has a great talent of telling stories, indeed. He turned the hall into a place of happy and applauding souls. He and all of us very much enjoyed a scene selected from a Jesus play performed by some Berlin boys with Abhinabha, a professional actor, as Jesus.

      Pavaka and hm...(former Colm and Nirbhasa's brother) played on their instruments which they know how to play excellently. It was nice to see them enjoying to be with us. They received thunderous applause but in a really humble way they left the stage.

      More guests perhaps less known came from Oslo, Latvia, Greece and who knows which countries I didn't notice. I missed disciples from Bulgaria and Rumania. For them it might have been too far away or too expensive. I hope they have their own local joydays. It would be nice to hear from them.

      Stutisheel (for those who may not know, he is one of the 3100 mile runners who ran the race six times!) and also his wife had come. As someone who follows the race very closely every year even if only on the internet, sending encouraging e-mails and praying for them, it was a strange feeling to stand beside him when he approached a person from my centre thanking her for her help at the race by giving her a video of one of the Songs of the Soul concerts in Russia as a gift, commenting "Now we are even." It's not that I care for gifts at all it's only that you feel familiar and inwardly connected to the runners but of course some of them don't know us at all. This must be a well known fate with great people and their 'fans'. ;-)

      I was richly compensated when Surasa thanked me profusely for e-mails I sent to New York. If they would ever know how much we received from them for our own progress.

      Some of the videos shown were Guru meditating at the United Nations which I almost missed, a video of the Songs of the Soul concert in Moscow and another city in Russia (sorry I am not good with names)and a Songs of the Soul concert in Portugal. Disciples were asked on stage and spoke very highly of the people organizing the concerts emphasizing on how hard they worked and how much joy they received from the concerts, the audience and from their self-giving international brothers and sisters. I hope the videos will be uploaded on the internet for the rest of the world to view.

      Like always different singing groups were performing Guru's songs very soulfully especially Agnikana's group and the "Little Children Singers" who sang for us after the early morning meditation.

      Many of us know Arthada's group as a very established group composed of excellent musicians. I hope it is fine daring to mention that this time their performance was more of a little creative 'disaster' which was very funny. ;-)

      Two girls from Germany recited poems from Sri Chinmoy's book "My Flute" (http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/books/0011) which I liked very much. If I do not lose all courage I will join them next time as they will continue reciting them on following joydays.

      It's beautiful to notice how many more statues of Guru are being put up around the world. A slide show of another inauguration of Guru's statue was very soulfully presented alongside with a moving story about a politician who had met Sri Chinmoy personally and helped enormously to make it happen. I so much hope we will hear the story at our next celebration in New York. More statues will be put up soon.

      It was exciting to view a video about a former Impossiblity Challenger event that served as a teaser for the upcoming event in New Zealand in December. Happily and proudly it was announced that next year the event will be organized in Hungary.

      I didn't attend a two mile race along the river but I am sure many enjoyed it very much and returned with even more energy. I personally 'survived' the night in a smoker room of a nearby hotel. The advantage was I made it to the early morning meditation. :- )

      A personal highlight for me was a slide show about the opening of a new café in Berlin (http://www.happiness-heart-cafe.de/). It was very nicely presented in a way of "before" and "after" and they received a lot of applause.

      I may be forgiven that I was carried away while Purushottama was singing his famous Saraswati song during the presentation. I thought I would know what it means to be in the heart but receiving the soul of this song (composed of ony four or five words by the singer) or the soul of Purushottama's voice or both I don't know, I could feel something so deep inside resonating - a place you would love to stay forever and not to dive up anymore.

      So little we know about our hearts but they are secretly fed by an unknown source!

      My heartfelt thanks to all contributors.

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