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25150Celebrating United Nations Day with Preschoolers and Seniors

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  • abanna27
    Oct 27, 2011
      My preschool class and 25 seniors came together for an intergenerational celebration of United Nations Day on October 24. Everyone enjoyed a "peace" of pie and we sang "Happy Birthday" to the United Nations.

      I spoke briefly about the importance of the United Nations, our role as individuals, and how our childcare program philosophy is based on problem-solving to resolve conflicts peacefully.

      I read aloud a picture book called, *What Does Peace Feel Like?* by Vladimir Radunsky. The book quotes grade school children from an international grade school in Rome answering the questions: what does peace smell like, taste like, sound like, look like, and feel like. "Peace smells like a bouquet of flowers in a happy family's living roomÂ… Peace sounds like raindrops fallingÂ…Peace tastes like ice cream, in many flavors".

      I offered the same questions to everyone in the room, and we wrote down our answers on a mural-sized piece of paper to be decorated and displayed. Participation was high, and there were many nods and affirmations as well as teary eyes as we listened and contemplated the images. The activity really drew everyone together. Several of the residents noted the feeling of peace in our gathering as an example of what peace feels like.

      It was very important to me to introduce the idea of the United Nations to my preschool class. They may not quite understand what a country is, but they practice problem-solving in their classrooms and they enjoy images of peace and feeling peaceful. We are sowing seeds.


      Note: I work in an intergenerational learning center located in a large residential care facility. The children in my class are aged 4 & 5.
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