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  • doris.cott
    Oct 13, 2011
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      I can't resist replying once more to you, dear Suchana. Thank you so much for speaking about the master. I wasn't brave enough to publicly tell my funny "New York Streets" story but you are inspiring me to retell *my* first experiences I had with the master in New York in 1992 much, much later than you had your first encounter with him.

      Two things I smilingly remember (I hope I didn't tell this already in an earlier post):

      I was terribly afraid of flying but some people can really make you overcome it...

      ...I entered Aspiration-Ground in a moment when Guru was walking around the court in high meditation and as chance would have it he soon walked towards to where I was crouching. Like an error a streak of light pierced my heart. The only thing I was able to do was trying to keep control over my emotional outburst.

      The fateful moment came when he invited all his students to take prasad. I felt I wasn't able to eat anything. Before I could make any decision I heard Guru say in a fatherly but quite commanding way, "Everybody please take prasad." So I went down where lots of Indian Sweets were placed on a big table. (In my defense I may tell you that I had never seen such sweets before). Knowing from Guru's writings that it was important not to take prasad at one's sweet will, meaning not to choose what I like or what not but to accept what was offered I took from each different sweet that was presented. Imagine the pile of sticky sweets in my hands. I am sure some disciples must have thought what kind of greedy person I must be. Somehow I managed to get back to my seat and bravely piece by piece disappeared in my mouth. It still makes me giggle but also feel a little bit embarrassed.

      The next day Irina Malikowa from the Gorbachev foundation came to visit Guru. He wanted to give her a present but she didn't know what it was - a Punjabi. Many people had left Aspiration-Ground to have lunch but I again was unable to leave and eat. It is indescribable for me how I felt in the master's presence. I just couldn't go.

      I was sitting quite far away from him but at one moment I felt his eyes becoming one with mine. I was wondering how this was possible over such a long distance? He knew perfectly well where I was sitting. Vasanti had to wave me down which confused me even more. Me, why? But like in a dream I went to where Guru was sitting: on a simple white chair against a white wall wearing a red dhoti. I stood in front of him and tried very hard to follow the conversation between him and Mrs. Malikowa. He was explaining to her what a punjabi was and some meditation techniques perhaps but I was flying in a world of beauty's light that seemed to emanate from him and totally engulfed my entire being.

      I don't know for how long I had been standing in front of him I only remember that Vasanti again had to make me leave as I didn't get anything what was going on. She was more aware of the outer happening...thank you Vasanti, in case you are reading.

      Suchana, you touched on a subject I have been pondering about recently - Miracles!

      You said:

      "Only a Master of the highest calibre would be able to bring one´s soul to the fore just by uttering one´s name! This surpasses the so called earthly miracles, it is something far beyond which touches the very core of our inner Divinity and gets awaken in some way by Guru´s Powerful Love-Light."

      Jesus openly performed miracles and perhaps some followed him because miracles deepened their faith. I have heard about so many Compassion-Miracles performed by our master but I never heard they abailable to a wider audience. There might be good reasons not to do that.

      Sri Chinmoy was an excellent athlete, a divine musician, artist, poet, composer and peace lover but did we ever mention the many outer miracles he performed? What do we really know about the inner miracles that he just called (paraphrasingly)"inner realities".

      So now my post went from humorous to serious. I am very sorry!

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