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  • abanna27
    Oct 4, 2011
      Hi Sharani & Purnakama,
      I am enjoying your conversation about teaching having the effect of lifting one's consciousness from "troubles and despondency." I agree whole-heartedly. In my experience (as a preschool teacher) teaching "gets me out of myself" (or you could say it gets me *over* myself!) It is simply not possible to be "fully present" for a class and cherish negative thoughts or feelings at the same time. I am very grateful I work in a profession that asks this of me every day.

      Teaching is not the only pastime where I have this experience. I feel it when working as a hostess in a restaurant, phoning hotels on behalf of the World Harmony Run, or other times I am in a position to offer service to people. I am representing an organization or an ideal and I feel accountable to myself during these interactions.

      When one is miserable or in a funk, there is a tendency to shy away from activities of self-offering, but selfless service is a sure ticket out.

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