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25131Re: Tomorrow's God-Man

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  • doris.cott
    Sep 28, 2011
      Dearest Suchana,

      Such sweet misunderstanding can only happen to non english speaking people like us. I am sorry I didn't make it clear enough.

      Guru TITLED the Jharna Kala "hope" and signed it with his initials. What he kindly did for me as he did for many others students of his was writing my men given name and repeating his initials. The emphasis was on how much love-light a spiritual master is able to pour into an ordinary name.

      Regarding his poetry, you are right. Without his hopeful writings there wouldn't be much joy in my life. You open up any book and you are in His World.

      And thanks for the poem! :- )


      P.S. I very much liked your story in Inspiration-Letters, Part 23. It made me smile and remember my own funny experiences in New York's streets.

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