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  • purnakama2000
    Sep 25, 2011
      Well congratulations Sharani on your adventure in teaching!

      And thank you for finding that illumining answer to the question "What is the supreme duty of an educator?" I had never read this before.

      Yes, many times I have been upset by other things going on in my day, but as soon as I am in the moment with the children, everything changes and I get caught up in their world of joy and wonder.
      I feel better, and I forget about the other troubles because I want to do my best for them.

      Teaching is all about self offering. I realise that I did not really become a teacher until I joined the path and really began to learn what self offering is.
      Other than the paycheque and some rather nice holidays, teaching is all giving, and ironically, the more you give, the more you get back inwardly. It is certainly not always easy. Somedays you're tired, or sick, or stressed, but as soon as you're in front of the class you have to put that aside. You can't hide away at your desk and hope they'll go away until you're feeling better:)
      But it's actually the best thing sometimes when you're not doing well, as it forces you to get past the mind that is thinking of stress or illness, and just be in the moment of offering.

      As difficult as it can be sometimes, I am grateful that I was chosen to be a teacher in this incarnation. I have learned so much about self offering and loving unconditionally.

      I'm glad that you've had a good introduction into the teaching world, and hope you continue to enjoy it!

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