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25109My Hurricane Story pt. 2

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  • sharani_sharani
    Sep 12, 2011
      My Hurricane Story pt. 2

      The storm, once at our doorstep, offered many variations on "It could have been so much worse based on what was expected beforehand." It delayed coming enough that we still had many of our planned activities to observe Guru's birthday. Not until the evening did we have to cancel our outdoor gathering.

      I actually slept soundly through the worst of the storm and we did not lose electricity. By the next afternoon, Annam Brahma was serving us a makeshift meal in the driveway with a big tree down across the road alongside Goosepond Park.

      Once everyone squeezed into the car and luggage was leaking out everywhere, the drive home the day after the hurricane with the wind still powerful was an adventure. We had the highway mostly to ourselves and about halfway through Connecticut took an exit to buy gas since I did not have enough in the car to make it all the way home.

      No electricity here! No buying gas! The employees of the truck stop kindly lent us flashlights to use the facilities and I flashed back to last year's Xmas trip in Nepal where electricity was a luxury.

      Back on the road, we purposely drove a while before trying another exit. From the highway you could not tell if there was electricity or not but at the first truck stop they told us 800,000 people were without power in the state.

      Second stop - no electricity which meant no way to run the pump. Third and fourth? stop same story.

      I did not worry and felt a calm sense of faith kicking in coupled with some practical action to coast on every downhill I encountered.

      Why did my hurricane story spell faith? On the morning that the storm was due to arrive (Guru's birthday), I suddenly remembered that I did not have enough gas in the car to get home and that people typically fill up their cars with gasoline before a big storm arrives in case electricity is lost. We were already planning to start the day's program earlier than usual because of the impending storm and I listened as my inner voice said that I did not need to go in search of a gas station before the storm's arrival.

      As I drove along and got closer and closer to empty, I reassured myself that I would find gasoline because of that inner message the day before. Sure enough, once we crossed the state line into Rhode Island we took an exit and there were open gas stations with electricity. I filled up and we made it home without the empty warning light even coming on.

      So it's not high drama and suspense but perhaps something as simple as trusting the inner voice and patiently waiting to see what the storm would actually bring instead of borrowing trouble before it even comes add up to the little ways life is easier and calmer when guided by spirituality.

      p.s. when I got home I had electricity and only small branches down even though many, many big trees came down and many, many people in the state where I live lost power for multiple days. I offered a big prayer of gratitude for feeling so protected.
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