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25107My Hurricane Story pt. 1

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  • sharani_sharani
    Sep 10, 2011
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      One uninvited guest to Celebrations this year was not a person even though her name is Irene. The timing of the Hurricane's arrival (the night of Guru's 80th birthday anniversary into the following morning) made it rather inconvenient for people planning to travel home at the end of Celebrations. Airports were closed, public transportation shut down and the huge city of New York had to hit the snooze button when it is usually the city that "never sleeps".

      Some people chose to rebook flights and fly or drive home before the storm arrived and I am assuming that many had to rebook flights after the storm passed through. My car had to squeeze one extra person into it because she was planning to take a bus home and mass transit was on hold.

      The hurricane offered me a lesson in faith and surrender without my ever intending it. First I resolved not to worry about my house and cat even though Hurricane Irene was theoretically on a path to my neighborhood after it left New York. I arranged to have stuff in the yard and lawn furniture, etc. put away and told my pet sitter that I might get home later than originally planned because I would wait for the storm to come and leave.

      lunch hour's over at work - stay tuned for part 2

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