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25099Re: Longest Flower-Garland - Guinness World Record By Ashrita Furman

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  • suchana27
    Sep 7, 2011
      One of my friends has recently sent me a series of Guru´s poems we are trying to translate in Spanish also. There is one poem which could perfectly fit with the spirit of this amazing event created by Ashrita and assistants:

      ¨My Beloved, I love You.
      For You I have brought
      A few beautiful flowers
      That I have collected early in the morning.
      I wish to adore You with these flowers.
      Ah, You are smiling at me because You know
      That these flowers actually belong to You.
      I am decorating You with Your own gifts.¨

      Sri Chinmoy (unofficial)

      Thank you, Doris, for providing the links.
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