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25075Announcing Inspiration-Letters 23: Light Issue

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  • mahiruha_27
    Jul 30, 2011
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      Dear Friends,

      It gives me, Mahiruha, tremendous joy to announce the publication of our twenty-third edition of Inspiration-Letters, which you can find here: http://www.srichinmoycentre.org/inspiration-letters-23.

      I introduced the issue by excerpting Sri Chinmoy's own account of his first experience with divine Light. I went on to describe some of my own earliest experiences with Light and how they directed me as a seeker. Finally, I included an account of an `overnight' meditation that Sri Chinmoy conducted in the late 1990s.

      Sharani in "Luminosity in the Darkest Night" reveals once again her outstanding eye for detail as well as her profound reverence for the natural world and what lessons Mother Earth can impart to us, if we but listen attentively. She really knows how to make the esoteric and sublime accessible. Her writing has the flow and confidence of a professional journalist.

      In "A Soul of Might to Share My Pain", Abhinabha once again manages to baffle us all with the grace and fluidity of his use of English, especially as English is not his mother tongue. I often feel that his paragraphs could be reformed into stanzas, and that they would work as free-form poems. I enjoyed reading about how valuable Sri Chinmoy's poetry was to him in the formative years of his spiritual practice. I can identify with that. (The title is a quote from Sri Chinmoy's famous poem "The Golden Flute", from his classic collection "My Flute".)

      Reading Arpan's essay "Meditation on Light" was like attending a meditation seminar. Arpan brings his many years of discipleship with Sri Chinmoy to his essays. I enjoy reading about how his long apprenticeship to Sri Chinmoy has given him a tranquil mindfulness in his daily life-activities.

      I love Suchana's unique perspective on life- she is Inspiration-Letters' only South American writer- that comes across in her wry story "A Passage to Light". I can definitely identify with Suchana here, with my own frequent faux pas as a tourist.

      Dhiraja in "Light Writings" invites us to join him on a spiritual, scientific, historical and metaphysical inquiry into the nature of Light. This essay is short, compact and heartfelt. I liked it very much.

      I conveyed in "Waiting for God" an experience I had while dicing carrots. If you'd like to share in the spiritual excitement, you're more than welcome to come over and help me with the chopping.

      For all the gorgeousness and majesty of Jogyata's language, it is actually his deep sincerity and persuasive simplicity that make his prose so attractive. I always feel that I've gained something special after I read his essays. "Four Tales of Light" is absolutely no exception.

      Take a moment to enjoy Pavitrata's lovely title image- he has graciously provided the opening photograph for almost every single issue.

      Thank you a million times to our dedicated and resourceful writers. You have inspired me so much over the years.

      And, of course, a special shout-out to Jaitra, for designing and assembling each issue with great sensitivity and care. Many, many thanks to you for the beautiful site.

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