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24977Finish of the multi-day races

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  • antaraprabhat
    Apr 28, 2011
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      Today was the finish of the multi-day races. I took lots of photos.


      It was such a joyous experience from start to finish. My heart is sad already for the end. But it's not the end! I plan to run the race next year.
      I am so inspired by the energy I found there.

      Imagine- an ordinary place, until Bipin and Rupantar set up tents, a kitchen, counting tables... and for just over one week that ordinary place becomes a flurry of activity, dynamic motion.
      Then it's over and it's time to take everything down. The outer plane returns to normal but the inner has been enriched. Those runners take away the experience of a lifetime from that race.
      I'm jealous :) I want to know where I can get some more of that - which we all need.

      So I'll see you next year.

      Official Photographer & Lover of the Race
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