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24918Re: Remain Happy

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  • abanna27
    Mar 18, 2011
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      Hi Kamalakanta,

      Thank you for the writings on cheerfulness and progress. Isn't it wonderful and amazing we can make spiritual progress "simply" by being cheerful and happy! It should be so simple, yet so often we humans resist being cheerful because we consciously or unconsciously cherish our bad moods. As I posted previously, I resolve to increase my cheerfulness in 2011. Lately, I have slipped off the bandwagon. I am grateful for these posts which definitely play a role in reminding me of my goal and inspiring me to start again fresh RIGHT NOW!

      I, too, resonate with the idea of cheerfulness as a kind of pre-requisite to making spiritual progress. Cheerfulness increases our receptivity to all the spiritual qualities we aspire to, and helps us run the fastest in our spiritual lives. Also very important: "A cheerful mind is the perfect guide to a healthy body." (unofficial)

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