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24917When tragedy strikes

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  • purnakama2000
    Mar 16 3:14 PM
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      I just read Sharani's blog http://www.sharani.org/ about the recent happenings in Japan, and I was inspired.
      Her goal of going deeper, and trying to meditate and pray 7 times a day is a commendable one that I would like to challenge myself to do.

      The other night as I sat at my shrine, I cried at feeling absolutely helpless and seemingly useless in the wake of many tragic happenings in such a short span of time.

      Perhaps it is my ego, or unlit vital, but when tragedies such as the two recent earthquakes occur, I feel that I need to be right there at ground zero handing out supplies, or doing anything directly to help in order to be of any benefit to the situation.

      "But God wants me here" my inner dialogue went.

      As I contemplated this more, I remembered something Guru wrote, (which I will paraphrase here, this is not a direct quote) in answer to a question about giving direct service to others.
      His answer went something like this.

      He said, "yes, people are suffering in Africa and all over the world. You cannot go and be of service to them, but do you think that your prayers and meditations do not reach them?
      Your meditations and prayers are a direct service to humanity."

      So I meditated more.

      Then I picked up a book by Sri Aurobindo called Bases of Yoga, and I opened it randomly to a passage that read "Leave everything, all worries and concerns at the feet of the Divine Mother."

      So I meditated more, but with a new purpose; to lay all of the burdens and tragedies of the world at the feet of the Divine Mother through Guru's loving heart.

      I meditated more, and felt waves of joy.

      Yes of course there are outer things that I can do from here to help in some small way, but I can also offer sincere prayers and meditations to God, to send light to those in need so that they have the inner strength to carry on with their journey.

      I can meditate more.