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24888The Dream Of Dreams

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  • doris.cott
    Mar 1 5:36 AM
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      The Dream Of Dreams

      It is in the detail
      That reveals the truth-
      They say!
      So true, so true, my Lord!

      And I prayed!
      My prayers seemed to be as unheard
      As a prayer can be.
      But imagination did not fail:
      I sent a snow-white bird
      With a bleeding wing
      To Heaven
      And bring the truth
      Right in front of Your Door.

      My Lord,
      Your Door did not remain closed.
      You answered my prayer
      With no less than sending
      To earth
      A beautiful, sparkling unicorn-
      A beauty I have not seen before;
      It's golden horn piercing
      The Night.

      A golden Ufo
      Appeared in the sky
      And remained there
      In great silence.
      And emerald temple walls
      With carved gods and goddesses
      Descended from Heaven.

      I was afraid they could be crashing
      As they descended and ascended
      With great speed.
      Ah, my Lord!
      They were all made of Light.