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  • nirmalapoems
    Dec 26, 2010

      God will always maintain the world with His inner Music.
      The music that God originally created is the music of the soul.
      This music from the soul wanted to express and fulfill itself through the heart.

      Inner music is bound to be soul-stirring and soul-elevating.
      For God-realization, inner music is of paramount importance.

      Music can do much for the Supreme.
      It is a way to reach humanity and bring spirituality to humanity.

      The one who creates the music at every moment is God.
      The universe itself is music.
      In everything there is music, if we can become aware of it.
      Everything in God's creation embodies music.
      We can hear it only when we dive deep within.

      Music is oneness with God's Infinity, Eternity and Immortality.
      Music is a universal language.

      Music and God cannot be separated, although some music
      we may not understand or appreciate.
      Music keeps us alive.
      The sweetness and the haunting quality of music teaches us
      how to behave properly.

      Music gives us the feeling of sweetness, tenderness and softness.
      The inner music always inspires us to do something good for humanity. Our inner music is a form of prayer and meditation.
      Music is the heart of universal oneness.
      It is always the language of universal oneness.

      unofficial quotes from Sri Chinmoy

      (this is what Mukuli speaks on the film DIVINE MUSIC done by Mandu, I did the transcription)


      PS: what amazes me is: "In everything there is music, if we can become aware of it." Thank you Kamalakanta, you inspired me to go Sri Chinmoy Radio and there I listen to the performances of October, specially Paree's group.
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