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  • tejvan_13
    Nov 28 11:50 AM
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      >There is so much buzz out there about 2012,
      > but I'm very curious to know if Guru ever shared any insights about it.

      I never heard Guru mention anything about the year 2012. From my own experience, Guru seemed to try and discourage curiosity and speculation about the future, and instead encourage people to concentrate on their spiritual progress in the present moment.

      I think this wonderful aphorism from the new book 'The Jewels of Happiness' explains this philosophy in part.

      Try not to change the world.
      You will fail.
      Try to love the world.
      Lo, the world is changed.
      Changed forever.

      - Sri Chinmoy (unofficial)

      I remember at the Millennium, there was much buzz about what may happen, but Guru just saw the new Millennium as having the potential to offer new hope and new promise. There are so many wonderful aphorisms in the book Purnakama mentions.

      It is the bounden duty
      Of the truth-seekers and God-lovers
      Of the New Millennium
      To transform the old decadence of the mind
      Into a new renaissance of the heart.



      Question: Lately in newspapers and magazines I have been reading about prophecies that part of the world is going to be dissolved or sink into the ocean. Is there any truth in this?

      Sri Chinmoy: The world is full of imagination. God has been very kind to us; He has given us imagination in infinite measure. Neither California nor Puerto Rico nor any part of the world is going to be dissolved. It is simply absurd and impossible, even if the astrologers say so. But this rumour creates great sensation. As for parts of the land sinking into the sea, well, there is always the possibility of this kind of change in the earth's surface, but it cannot be predicted with any accuracy by astrologers, since there are always forces working which they cannot evaluate.

      But why do we have to think of whether a particular place will last or not? Let us think of our own realisation. God-realisation is our Goal. To wonder whether this or that place will continue to exist will not help us in reaching our Goal. If we can remain in God's Consciousness we are immortal, but if we remain in the earth-consciousness we will not be immortal. It is the divinized consciousness that makes us immortal, and not the place where we live.



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