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24723Re: Kiesha Crowther "Little Grandmother" in Zurich

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  • purnakama2000
    Nov 27, 2010
      Hi Doris,

      These are very interesting videos. There is so much buzz out there about 2012, but I'm very curious to know if Guru ever shared any insights about it.

      I have read and reread the New Millennium book and I have derived much hope and inspiration from it.

      I will share a few of my favorites here, and in the meantime, if anyone knows of another book or article where Guru shared any thoughts about 2012, I'd be very grateful to know.

      In the 21st Century
      Faith will unmistakably see
      Not only things
      that are totally out of sight,
      But even things invisible.
      Faith will see
      The beauty and power of Light
      Even in the farthest corners of the globe.

      In the New Millennium
      We shall receive strength from God
      That will be abundantly greater
      Than the difficulty of our circumstances.

      Tomorrow's world
      Shall discover the supreme truth
      That what we call the ultimate height
      Is only the beginning
      Of a new, ever-transcending height
      Which embodies
      The ever increasing Beauty and Fragrance
      Of God the Seer, God the Lover,
      And God the Beloved.

      The God-love and God -devotion-boats
      Are sailing slowly and steadily
      Towards the Destination.
      The God-surrender-boat
      Is still fast asleep.
      But in the New Millennium
      These three boats
      Will sail unimaginably fast
      Towards the Golden Shore
      For the transformation of human life,
      The perfection of the human heart,
      And the manifestation of
      God's Light and Delight
      In every corner of the globe.

      Sri Chinmoy - The New Millennium (unofficial)

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