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24689Celebrating Guru's Sister Lily's Birthday Anniversary

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  • cott.doris
    Oct 27, 2010
      I am not sure whether I am authorized and able to write *anything* about Guru's beloved sister Lily. So with utmost respect and humility I only wanted to mention the anniversary of her birthday, which we are going to celebrate tonight in our meditation center in Zurich.

      We will sing a song for her, read excerpts from Guru's books and offer homemade Indian prasad.

      Last weekend in preparation of the event, I searched our online library for more information and found myself reading and reading and reading...many things I had read before but many things I did not know about. Needless to say, I was touched very deeply to say the least.

      Here are a few excerpts for others to read, but I very highly recommend reading the whole articles:

      "My sister Lily's nickname is Rani, which means "Queen." All her life, my sister has had the aura of a queen. When she walks, mixes with people, talks-in anything she does-she always maintains a very special kind of high dignity. She has a very soft oneness-heart also, but her queenly dignity is really something rare and unique."


      "I arrived in Madras at eight o'clock in the evening of January 11th. It takes three and a half hours to reach the Ashram by car. Around eleven o'clock I reached home. A friend of mine who works at the Ashram car company drove, and my two brothers came. When I saw my brothers, I got a tremendous shock because age has descended upon them. But, strangely enough, in two days' time they looked much, much better than when I saw them at the airport. When we arrived home around eleven, my sister Lily was so happy to see me."


      "My sister, Lily, happened to be with us. So Lily said to her, "Yes, I can see you are getting old." Soma is 13 years younger than Lily. Anyway, Lily immediately did that particular exercise so easily and quickly. Lily put us to shame. I surrendered because I cannot bend that much."


      "My sister Lily was next. First she looked into my left eye, then into my right eye, then into my left eye and finally again into my right eye. Then she placed her hand on her own heart and offered her most prayerful gratitude to God."


      "When we arrived in India, my sisters and brothers were overwhelmed with joy when they saw me, when they saw us. At the same time, the parting scene was unbearable. My sisters, especially, cried bitterly, as if I were already dead. I told my eldest sister, Arpita, "When I actually die, there will be no tears since you've used them all up here. There will be nothing left in your eyes. So you'd better stop crying now since you'll have to cry again when I die." Then my sister Lily tried her best to control her tears, but finally she again burst out crying. This is Indian family life!"


      There are more touching incidents Guru writes about in relation to his beloved sister Lily but they are rather poignant and may shadow a person's birthday joy.

      In May 1999 Guru wrote at least two poems for Lily:

      "My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!
      May my heart be
      Eternity's God-aspiration-Cry.
      My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!"


      "My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!
      May my life be
      My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!"


      In June 1999 Guru published a book with the title "Our Affection-Love-Admiration-Heart". It is all about his sister Lily showing many family pictures that were taken many years ago in India and about her visit to New York in the Seventies.

      If ever possible, it would be very nice to have those pictures online for the rest of the world to view and get inspiration.

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