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  • vasanti_hd
    Sep 21, 2010
      Thank you, Suchana, - and today our first boys relay team crossed the Channel, with Angikar, who did a 19 hour solo-swim just shortly before on August 8th/9th. Three swims to celebrate 25 years of Channel Swimming of our team and to honour Guru`s spirit and show how alive it is!
      Just to mention also that Karteek has swum the Channel 10 times so far (and I heard he is still inspired for more)- and Vedika swam 5 times, including the first Channel triathlon of our team from Dover to Paris. Like Vijaya, Vedika has received the Gertrude-Ederle-Award for one of her more challenging swims.

      Guru's weightlifting started the same year as the first successful Channel swims of our team. I still remember vividly how Guru wanted to know everything about the Channel after we came back to N.Y. after our first swims: he wanted to feel the water temperature (Savyasachi had to get a bucket of water with ice) etc. And then Guru asked like a child: "and what have I done?" Poems etc. he did not count. When I mentioned them, he said "no - in the physical!?" And then he went on to lift those enormous mountains of steel in the shortest of times!

      I am just grateful that we can continue to live and manifest Guru`s philosophy. But I bow and bow to the 3100 mile runners!


      Here is the boys' own blog:

      And by the way, in the very international world of open water swimmers and Channel swimmers, Guru's name is very well known and respected through the Zurich lake marathon swim with participants from all over the world. The Zurich lake swim came into existence after Prafulla failed in her first Channel attempt and went on to swim the Zurich lake double distance, which gave her the idea to start organising this event, which today is organised by Pradeepta and Vallabha.

      And how did the "Channel triathlon" come into existence? Guru's first words after our swims back in 1985 were: "Our goal is self-transcendence." And a few days later he asked: "What do you think of swimming the Channel, biking 150 miles and running 2 marathons - do you think it frightening or challenging?" 11 years later Vedika manifested this vision, and 25 years later, finally, I managed the same, with a bit more biking, after Guru had kept reminding me many times where I had gotten my name: at a triathlon.

      "Individual self-transcendence
      Collectively inspires
      Humanity at large." - Sri Chinmoy
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