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24557Re: "Attempt (Hiya Pakhi)

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  • canadian_caitlin7
    Jun 29 9:37 PM
      I really enjoyed this post, those wonderful aphorisms taught me (or rather, reminded me) that there is a power in the attempt that goes beyond the results thereof. May all of our attempts be "eager and intense".

      Thank you also for including your arrangement of one of my favorite songs, it was moving and well-mixed. The meaning of the song 'Hiya Pakhi' is so poignant:

      "O bird of my heart,
      Fly on, fly on,
      Look not behind.
      Whatever the world gives
      Is meaningless and useless
      And utterly false."

      These few simple, but powerful, words inspire me to bring more intensity and one-pointedness to my spiritual life and remind me to focus on the inner reality and not the outer illusion.

      All of Sri Chinmoy's poems and songs possess such depth and meaning, they are truly a gift to humanity.

      Gratefully, Caitlin
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