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24551Agnikana's Group and Adarsha on Radio Sri Chinmoy

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  • kamalakanta47
    Jun 28, 2010
      Dear friends,

      It is our joy and pride to announce that we have two new items on Radio Sri Chinmoy: Agnikana's Group's performance from a Songs of the Soul concert in Vaasa, Finland, last June 13, and an interview with Adarsha, the great singer from Scotland, who is also a member of Kailash's Group, which has performed over 7,000 songs by Sri Chinmoy in the last decade.

      You can find both items at:


      Agnikana's Group's performance was heavenly. Highly recommended!

      Thanks to all of the performers who manifest Sri Chinmoy's music for the world at large through the "Songs of the Soul" concerts. Here is the link for the Songs of the Soul concerts website:


      Joy to all!