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24549"Attempt (Hiya Pakhi)

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  • kamalakanta47
    Jun 28, 2010
      Dear friends, brothers and sisters all,

      Yesterday a musical idea came, and I had to decide quickly what name to give to the arrangement before recording. And the word that inspired me was "attempt". My entire life seems an attempt at reaching a higher consciousness, a deeper and more soulful vantage-point.

      Music is my consolation in life, and when I say music I mean Sri Chinmoy's melodies, and doing arrangements of them. playing with them, and them playing with me.

      I have used this analogy before, but for those who have not heard it...arranging Sri Chinmoy's music is, for me, like being a divine child who is playing with spheres of light in different colors. Sri Chinmoy's melodies are these "spheres of light", and while juggling them, I receive light; their radiance inundates my being with beauty and joy.

      Another analogy which I feel reflects the inner dynamics of this interaction is this: Sri Chinmoy's melodies are like pure white light, which contains all the colors. My heart is like a prism, and when this light strikes my heart-prism, it reflects in different colors.

      Here are some of Sri Chinmoy's prayer/poems with the word "attempt":

      An Attempt

      "An attempt gives enlightenment.
      Enlightenment gives freedom.
      Freedom gives fulfilment.
      Fulfilment gives contentment.
      Contentment is God-hunger in man
      And man's feast in God."
      -Sri Chinmoy
      Excerpt from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 11 by Sri Chinmoy

      Any Eager And Intense Attempt
      "Any eager and intense attempt

      Will carry the God-lover
Far beyond the domain

      Of his own persistent demands."
      -Sri Chinmoy
      Excerpt from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 34 by Sri Chinmoy

      "My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme,
      My life is an attempt;
      My heart is an experience.
      My life-attempt-tree and
      My heart-experience-flower
      I place at Your Feet cheerfully."
      -Sri Chinmoy
      Excerpt from I Pray Before I Lift, I Meditate While I Lift, I Offer My Gratitude-Cries And Gratitude-Smiles by Sri Chinmoy

      "My Lord Supreme, out of Your infinite Compassion, in June You said to me: "My son, failure is not your name. Your name is constant attempt."
      -Sri Chinmoy
      Excerpt from Four Hundred Gratitude-Flower-Hearts by Sri Chinmoy


      I have posted an arrangement titled "Attempt (Hiya Pakhi)" on sendspace.com. When you click on the download link, choose the slow download; it is free! Here is the download link:


      Joy to all!

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