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24465OT Re: Great Queen Seondeok - A Korean Historic Drama

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  • cott.doris
    May 5, 2010
      Ah, Sharani, you are such a faithful comrade! :- ) Be sure you will be addicted quickly. To be frank my aspiration-life 'suffered' a little during the period of watching and watching. One set of four DVDs is almost 22 hours long and there are four of them. :- )

      I know many of our centre members and also disciples in New York watched The Great Queen Seondeok recently (perhaps you can lend them), but it was useless on my part to beg for any discussion. It would definitely be worth it. Let's see.

      I read on the internet about still another Korean drama: Jumong by the same director! But I personally need six months at least to digest the above mentioned drama. Be prepared for a lot of rebellion, war and fighting - and the result of it...but there are also many, many fine episodes and super excellent acting.

      My favourite actress was fourteen year old Nam Ji-hyeon as young Deokman (later Queen Seondeok). Deokman (pronounced Dokmana) was abondened after her birth because of a prophecy but later fights her way back to the kingdom of Silla only to find an even harder life-road to walk that she accepted wholeheartedly. Nam Ji-hyeon received a special Child Actor Award. Here is a scene:


      Guru actually wrote many stories about emperors, kings and queens. The drama enables me to better understand and visualise them. Inspiration Sounds http://www.radiosrichinmoy.org/inspiration-sounds (see especially episode 51 and 52) and the Sri Chinmoy online library http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/ are great sources to read and listen to them


      P.S. The Sri Chinmoy tulips on our East terrasse are still in full bloom. I may take some pictures of them.
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