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24429Tears and Smiles

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  • cott.doris
    Mar 27, 2010
      Today, while I was sitting in a train that brought me to Winterthur, my new home-city in Switzerland, it began to rain and water was rinsing down the window. The little rivers reminded me of tears.

      Also, I had read a poem a few minutes before that spoke to me. It went like this (unofficial):


      The doubt-beast left me
      The moment God discovered
      At His Feet
      Three tear-drops
      Of my heart.

      -Sri Chinmoy
      From: 10'000 Flower-Flames, Part 10

      I always carry a little notebook with me and I wrote the following little poem I liked right away:

      How many tears
      Do You collect every day,
      My Lord?

      "My child,
      Not one,
      Not two,
      Not three tear-drops;
      Rivers of tears
      I collect every day
      From the world.

      Can you not be
      An exception,
      My child,
      And give me
      At least
      One smile from your heart
      Every day?"

      -Doris C.

      I would have loved to smile.